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Inoi culinary is one of the menus originating from the city of Padang. This dish has a spicy taste that arouses the appetite. How to make eggplant balado is quite simple and affordable, but don't underestimate the taste.

For those of you who are often busy so you don't have time to cook, this balado eggplant menu can be used as an alternative menu that you can choose. Practical cooking methods and easy-to-find spices make this dish more effective.

Check out the recipe and how to cook eggplant balado below:

Balado Eggplant Recipe

Balado Eggplant Ingredients and Seasonings:

-2 purple eggplants

-6 red onions

-10 curly chilies

-2 large red chilies

-2 pieces of lime leaves

-3 tbsp oil

-1 tsp salt

-1 tsp pepper

-1 tbsp granulated sugar

How to Make Balado Eggplant:

-Cut the eggplant into pieces, wash then fry the eggplant.

-Blend the shallot, white and chili seasonings with a blender, by adding oil when blending.

-After that, Saute the spices until fragrant, add the lime leaves and a little water, also add sugar, salt and ground pepper. Stir until everything is even.

-Mix the eggplant into the spices then stir until mixed.

-Lift and serve.

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